Your profile is your calling card. Add a profile picture and descriptive text about you and your desires, and prove you really using our authenticity check. Your profile also features your specials, membership type and coin balance.


When you click on your profile picture, you’ll see your name, age, the presents (“specials”) you’ve received from other members, your online status and whether you have a verified account or not. In the centre of your photo, you’ll find the option to change your profile picture. In the upper-right-hand corner, you’ll find a gear symbol that will take you to your settings. Here, you can purchase or manage your membership, change your notifications or edit your account details, such as name, password and email address. In settings you can also get to the help section, contact our support team and share feedback about the app. You can also unsubscribe from the app here.

JOYCE App Hilfe – Profil


Your profile text is your chance to introduce yourself to other members. Remember, together with your profile picture, your profile text often gives the first impression. You rarely get a second chance. Use your profile text to describe in more detail yourself and what you’re looking for. Please note: You are not allowed to publish any links or contact details in your profile text


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” – even if it’s old and clichéd, this statement is nonetheless true. You can decorate your profile with lots of meaningful images. Please make sure you use only your own images. That means you are either in the photo or have taken the photo.

Why was my photo rejected?

If your photo has been rejected, it is probably for one of the following reasons:

  • Comics, cartoons, animals, illustrations, landscapes or similar images are not appropriate in your main album.
  • Please do not upload any drawings or painted portraits.
  • Pictures of children or teenagers are absolutely taboo.
  • Please do not include email or website addresses or license plates in your pictures.
  • We will not tolerate any glorification of violence, far-right ideology, serious threats or insults. Furthermore, you may not post photos with any weapons pointed directly at the viewer.
  • No official uniforms (such as police or military) may be visible in images. Fantasy, fetish or nostalgia uniforms are allowed.
  • Please refrain from using photos of extreme fetishes such as coprophilia (“scat”).
  • Images must not violate German law.
  • QR codes, bar codes and similar encrypted information are not allowed due to their content not being immediately apparent and the effort involved in checking them.

Note: Exceptions for individual points can be made for special types of posts, such as those of photographers or artists.

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