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With JOYCE random encounters become real, sensual experiences. In the JOYCE community, women, men and couples can find uncomplicated dating and intensive getting to know new people from their surroundings. From adventures full of relish to partner search - JOYCE is your ticket to the mysterious world of adults!

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JOYCE is more than just a partner exchange, in our exclusive club your passion is the focus - you determine the possibilities. Stay in touch with old friends or find new acquaintances, get inspired and have fun.
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  • enables a respectful cooperation.
  • is exclusive, but open to anyone who accepts the club rules.
  • bietet einen geschützten Raum für deine individuellen Sehnsüchte.
  • helps your spontaneity.

With JOYCE there are no limits to your imagination - flirting, chatting, getting to know each other. Enjoy the intimate communication with our members, live out your fantasies freely and unleash your passion.


We are a diverse, sensual community and invite you to get to know us. But please note that there are certain rules for you and us for a pleasant cooperation... because we all just want to have fun here
Be friendly and respectful.

Be friendly and respectful in dealing with other members. Insults and provocations are out of place with us. Please regulate your personal matters via ClubMail and remember: the sound makes the music.

Don't advertise.

Any kind of advertising for websites, products and services is unwanted in our app and will be deleted without further notice.

Be careful and discreet.

Respect the privacy of other members. Do not mention other member names or publish ClubMail conversations. Sharing shared private experiences is only allowed with the express consent of all parties. To maintain anonymity, real names or private contact information may not be given, nor may external messaging and messenger systems be advertised.

Set web links with style.

When you link to something in our app, you should keep in mind that you are linking to stylish, legally safe sites that do not cost anything and offer added value to other members.

Be sophisticated and respect the law.

Absolutely unwanted in our app are any inhuman, racist, defamatory or degrading statements as well as extreme personal insults and agitation. Furthermore, pornographic, sexist or otherwise illegal content is not allowed. Furthermore, our app is to be understood as an apolitical and independent platform. The premise is JOY, i.e. pleasure - therefore there is no room for political opinion making, calls for demonstrations and donations, missing persons requests and the like.

In addition our terms of use apply.

Respect our rules and have fun.

We are no more papal than the pope, because that would not fit our app. However, to ensure that we succeed in working together in harmony and that everyone has fun, consequences are taken in case of rule violations. If you have committed a violation, consciously or unconsciously, the JOY team will contact you to sensitize you to our rules and take the necessary measures depending on the severity of the violation. For things that we absolutely do not want to have in our app, the rules are much stricter. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you. If you discover violations, we are grateful for your report and support.