Possible reasons for your photo having been rejected

If we have rejected one of your photos, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Comics, cartoons, animals, illustrations, landscapes or similar images are not appropriate in your main album. Please upload any drawings or painting only to a second album.
  • Photos of children or teenagers are absolutely taboo. Please understand that, in our adult community, we fundamentally bar any connection between dating and children, even in the most far-removed sense.
  • Email and website addresses and license plates are not allowed. Disguising is allowed.
  • We will not tolerate any glorification of violence, far-right ideology, serious threats or insults. Furthermore, no weapons may be pointed directly at the viewer.
  • No official uniforms (such as police or military) may be visible in images. Fantasy, fetish or nostalgia uniforms are allowed.
  • We kindly ask you to refrain from using publicly accessible, obscene or pornographic content.
  • Images must not violate German law.
  • QR codes, bar codes and similar encrypted information are not allowed due to their content not being immediately apparent and the effort involved in checking them.
  • Note: Exceptions for individual points can be made for special types of posts such as those of photographers or artists.
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