Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is a simple and fast way to register with JOYCE. This is another area where we take security and data protection seriously. This is a technical interface through which there is no exchange of private information about our members between the two platforms.

What information is passed on during the registration?

For a new registration via Facebook Connect, your details that are relevant to us and accessible via Facebook Connect (email address, birthday, gender, location) will be automatically entered into your JOYCE profile. Of course, you can choose your own user name for JOYCE and upload your own choice of profile picture.

You always get to decide what data we can have access to. Conversely, no-one can see from your Facebook profile that it is linked to JOYCE or that you are a member.

Can I link more than one Facebook account to my JOYCE account?

No, that is not an option.

Why are JOYCE members suggested to me on Facebook?

First of all: This is not related to Facebook Connect.

JOYCE members will be suggested to you on Facebook if you have also saved their mobile numbers or email addresses in your phone contacts. If you have allowed Facebook access to your contacts, it will periodically compare them with your list of friends.

In this way, Facebook may find the mobile number or email address of another JOYCE member in your phone contacts who you are not already friends with on Facebook.